one accident is one too many


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Employee employee
at work
hazard identification establishing
safety rules
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Observation time deviation measurement
and analysis
report to customer
training, corrective action arrow analysis of improvement arrow progress report
corrective action
analysis of improvement progress report

itech prevent can provide your company with round-the-clock activity monitoring to ensure maximum safety for both your employees and the work environment. We can set up measurement campaigns ranging from one day up to several weeks.

Without qualified and quantified information, it is hard for safety leaders to validate acceptable risk parameters for their organisation and people. It is also difficult to measure progress toward accident prevention goals. We base our analyses on safety rules defined with the safety manager of your company.

itech prevent offers a continuous detection of deviations from safety rules and near-misses at critical control points in your company (CCPS). The duration of a standard measurement campaign is 4-5 weeks.

Relevant events and their periodicity are automatically stored and categorised in a database, providing detailed data as well as a summary table. This process enhances safety leaders’ effectiveness by providing factual and robust evidence to support decision making, or to coach involved employees.

The service enhances the Behaviour Based Safety process (BBS). itech prevent uses new sensing technologies to provide the best solutions based on human-computer cooperation. This process enhances safety and provides awareness to reduce business risk and company exposure to risk.