one accident is one too many



itech prevent respects people – whether they are customers, partners or staff – and also the business environment in which itech prevent is active. In particular, confidentiality is guaranteed.


Anchored in the Swiss federal legislation on work and accident insurance, itech prevent relies on the current legal framework. In particular, its products respect the legal requirements for personal data protection. They are designed in such a way to be as unintrusive as possible, while maintaining the relevance of the analytical results. Personal data is processed in a lawful manner, proportionately and securely, from its collection to its destruction.

Rigour and reliability

The products and services offered by itech prevent are elaborated with the required scientific rigour. Hardware is tested before installation and is thus reliable. Measurements are documented and results are objective. Deadlines are complied with.

Safety first

Placing the human being firmly in centre stage, itech prevent offers its skills and its expertise to businesses who wish to promote a safe working environment, and avoid situations both of accident and “near accident”.

The human being is our priority, and prevention our credo.


Every person working for itech prevent acts with neutrality, independence and fairness, regardless of the business environment in which their skills are deployed.