one accident is one too many



itech prevent,

founded by Viacam, a Swiss innovative company since 2005, develops safety solutions that enhance “BBS” process. itech prevent automatises BBS through computer vision techniques in expert systems involving various types of sensors, algorithms and analysis software, along with human validations. The company has collaborated with the Hes-so (University of applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland), the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and the ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) to develop this technology. The approach is proactive and not reactive: we act before an accident in the workplace (a priori management), and not only as a reaction to an accident (a posteriori management).


Business Partners:

  • AD HOC Resolution, Isabelle Dubois, expert on data protection

The team has been supported since the outset by:

  • InnoPark SA (Seco)
  • SUVA
  • Adnv
  • EIG-VD / MIS (Embedded Information Systems Institute)
  • Etat de Vaud – Service de l’emploi Contrôle du marché du travail et protection des travailleurs
  • Speco (Service de la promotion économique et du commerce du canton de Vaud)
  • EPFL (Computer Vision Laboratory)
  • ETHZ (Computer Vision Lab)
  • Nestlé Nespresso SA
  • Fair 4 Security SA
  • Nestlé Suisse SA
  • Seco / CTI (Commission pour la technologie et l’innovation)

Data protection

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