one accident is one too many

Safety is a priority. It is also an absolute value, just like respect and trust.
The future is safety-oriented.
We provide near-miss detection
Safer employees. Improved performance.
We provide PPE (personal protective equipment) detection
Are you seeking to become more proactive by measuring upstream deviations from your safety rules?
Are your countermeasures to reduce your risk relevant?
We prevent accidents through automatic analysis of events.
The future will be safer and this will trigger greater productivity.
Measure your safety performance automatically!
Go beyond “BBS”: measure your safety performance automatically.
Take care of your employees. It is in your business interest.
Safety must never be compromised.
Most companies manage safety by reacting to accidents. With us, you will detect near-misses and prevent them with our information.
Do you need metrics to identify how best to counteract risks?


analysis of improvements

Dienstleistungen: iPRAS

(itech Prevent Risk Assessment Service)

Der beste Weg, um Informationen /Daten über einen kritischen Sicherheitskontrollpunkt (CCPS – Critical control point of safety) abzurufen.

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Produkte: iPED

(itech Prevent Equipment Detection)

Automatische Lösungen, die erkennen, ob die persönliche Schutzausrüstung korrekt getragen wird.

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safety glasses detected
employee with helmet


itech prevent wurde von Viacam, einem innovativen Schweizer Unternehmen seit 2005, gegründet. Entwickelt Sicherheitslösungen zur Optimierung des „BBS“ – Prozesses.

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itech prevent
Rue Galilée 15
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

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